Membership Types



Residents are our foundation. They are the individuals that bring life to the space & who build our community. They are more established in their careers and need the stability of a physical space, and consistency in their work life.

Here’s what you get:

Includes “Member” amenities +

  • Permanent desk in our “Resident Quarters”
  • Asbury Avenue mailing address
  • Unlimited printing services
  • FREE access to our educational workshops and social events



Members bring diversity to our space. This membership is meant to be a building block for those who are just starting out to take that next step in their career. Or for those individuals who need the flexibility of movement in their working environment. They get the community and collaboration they need with no long term commitment.

Here’s what you get:

Includes “Drifter” amenities

    • 24/7 access to the space
    • 25 basic prints per month
    • Secure locker space
    • Member perks with our business partners
    • Access to our educational workshops and social events


$50/Week – $20/Day

Drifters are those of you just passing through. Access to the space is on a daily or weekly basis, and is meant for visitors or vacationers. This membership provides an opportunity to meet locals and other visitors, discover all that our little town has to offer, and — hopefully! — spark fresh collaborations and a desire to stay longer.

Here’s what you get:

  • 9am-8pm access to the space
  • Secure & private high-speed Internet
  • Use of group meeting table & communal space
  • Access to printer
  • Weekly & daily rates


Workshops are our way to give back to our members by providing the intellectual and creative support and tools they need to grow as successful independent workers.

Hosted monthly, these get-togethers will cover everything from Quickbooks advise to content writing, Photoshop to photography, all taught by our experienced local business owners.


Participation in our community has many advantages. In addition to access to a beautiful, safe space for work and play, members can take full advantage of exclusive perks designed especially for DriftSpaces members. We’ve partnered with local businesses to provide the best discounts, access, and opportunities for our community.